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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Aplix vs. Snaps

Let the great debate begin... (pictures soon)

ok, well, I'm actually going to just share my opinion, and you can make a choice from there.

Aplix is a "hook and loop" closure used on cloth diapers. (real quick side note...Aplix is a brand of "hook and loop." A more commonly heard of "hookd and loop" brand is "Velcro.")
Pros: Aplix allows for a more exact fit as the tabs can be placed at exactly the best position required. Aplix goes on quick and easy.
Cons: It is easier for older baby fingers to pry loose. If not closed securely when put into wash, a diaper chain can form. (a literal chain of diapers formed from the aplix of one diaper connecting to another and another) Over time the Aplix can lose it's grip. (Most people I have talked with have had their aplix diapers last through one child just fine. Also, aplix is relatively easy to replace, even without a sewing machine.)

Snaps: Snaps are pretty self-explanitory. :) Plastic snaps are attatched to the side "wings" of the diaper that wrap around and then get attached to the front of the diaper which has a row of snaps. Some diapers have a single row of snaps, others have a double row.
Pros: Harder for little fingers to pry loose. No worrying about diaper chains in the landry machine.
cons: Due to placement of the snaps, the diapers are not quite as adjustable as velcro. A little slower to put on than Aplix (some diapers have 8 snaps to snap! Most just have 4.). While they are very sturdy, snaps needing replacement will likely need to be sent in for repair as replacing the snaps requires a special tool.

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