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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tips for buying used cloth diapers

I can hear what you are thinking.

Used cloth diapers!?! People actually sell those!?!?!?!


Buying gently used cloth diapers can be a great way to save for your "ultimate" stash, and find out what brands and styles you like.

Some quick pointers for buying used.

~Ask about the condition of the PUL/waterproff layer. Old diapers can have cracked or separating/bubbled PUL which will cause leaks.

~Is the elastic still tight? Shot or tired elastic will allow gaps at the legs and can allow leaks and blowouts.

~If the diaper/cover has aplix closure (like velcro), does it still have good stick to it? Over long use, Aplix can get pilly and loose it's grip, causing it to not stay closed.

If snaps, are they all functioning properly.

that is all for now, more to follow.

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