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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so, how many diapers do I need?

Everyone wants to know how many diapers they need.
Let's face it, cloth diapers do have a higher start up cost than disposibles.
so, the question on everyone's mind...What is the minimum?

Well, on the one hand it should be as easy as
number of diaper changes(dc) times number of days before washing(db4w) plus 3-4 extra just in case.

So, for you mathmatical types, here is our minimum number of cloth diaper formula.
(dc x db4w) + 4= minimum number of diapers.

So for example, a newborn may need as many as 16 diaper changes a day. What did you do, I just changed you!?! So, take 16 times the however many days you want to go inbetween washing and tada!

Well, it is still not quite that simple.

Having a larger rotation of diapers is often a better choice than the bare minimum.
~More diapers gives mom a little break from laundry (let's face it, kid's create a ridiculous amount of laundry, you don't necessarily want to add washing diapers twice a day just to keep up!)
~More diapers means less wear and tear on the individual diapers. They will last longer, often through multiple children, and have better resale value. (yes, gently used cloth diapers have a huge market!)

more in a little bit....gotta play hide and seek with the kids and hubby

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