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Little Red Parkas,

here to bring resources, guidance and support for mothers of young children as based on a poem from the Bible about a Virtuous Woman.

Looking for the Cloth Diapers from the demo class? check out the "Cloth Diapering" page below.

Contact Info

As mentioned elsewhere...This site and the Little Red Parkas idea is just being run by a stay at home wife and mom to two little crazy kiddos.  I want to connect and be a help to other moms.  I need support and other raging hormone loaded females to lean on every once in a while as well.  No man, or woman, is an island; no matter what that song may say.
Anyway, you are here for contact information...

email:  littleredparkas@yahoo.com

please forgive me if I do not get back to you right away (remember, two crazy kiddos), but I will try to check daily.