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here to bring resources, guidance and support for mothers of young children as based on a poem from the Bible about a Virtuous Woman.

Looking for the Cloth Diapers from the demo class? check out the "Cloth Diapering" page below.

Cloth Diaper Resources

Whew...as if the Cloth Diaper page was not enough, here is a little more to look at once you have the general concepts down.

Green Mountain Diapers is an awesome cloth diaper company run by a wonderfully insightful mom.  Her comments and photos on nearly every product they sell are great resources and can help you understand the mechanics of the various styles they offer.  Only natural fiber diapers are sold there, a great option for babies with sensitive skin.

Happy Baby Bum is now exclusively online.  These Appleton residents offer small town friendly service while carrying the big name diapers and Rockin Green detergent...a special cloth diaper laundry detergent that many moms swear by.  (Most of the diapers I demonstrate are available at Happy Baby Bum).

Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my! is a great blog by a cloth diapering mom.  Fitteds etc, contains a TON of great cloth diaper reviews as well as reviews on other natural products...and giveaways!  Whoo-hoo...info and potential free stuff, can't go wrong there.