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Sunday, April 24, 2011

a random confession

I am always so excited when someone asks about cloth diapers (I know, so silly, huh?) but then I am immediately annoyed that I have yet to finish even one post that I really feel good about in terms of explaining the various types of diapers.

I know what you are thinking, you need to get a life if a blog about cloth diapers is your biggest concern.

Well, the thing is, I have a life! hence the lack of posts and finished pages!!

And, the things that concern me lately?...
~my 3 and a half year old daughter "S"...
-she has the emotions of a pre-teen. How do I reach her whem she seems so overwhelmed sometimes by her emotions?
-she is completely refusing to potty train. I'm fine with it in general, she will learn when she is ready. Still, she has 4K in the fall and really needs to learn before then. What happens if she does not? Will she really have to stay home over diapers?
-hopefully she will go to 4K in the fall. How will she respond to other adults in authority? How will she cope with a room full of other children, some who may be more dominant than her?

~my 20 month old son "E"...
-he is a momma's boy. I love it and yet am wary of how he will handle new baby coming in August. How do I comfort him, nurse the baby and discipline Sydney at the same time?

~my little girlie due in Aug.
-while in some ways we are very prepared, there is still so much to do!
-sew a lot of cloth diapers, buy small covers, sort Sydney's old clothes, set up baby bassinet, figure out grandparent care for S and E, make and freeze a bunch of meals and more!

Things that excite me lately...
-S counted to 15 the other day! I was pretty impressed and surprised because we have not been working on numbers for a while.
-E is showing signs that he may be ready for potty training (I know! He'll be trained before Sydney at this rate!)
-S is starting to show some great "big sister" qualities. She has defended her little brother (sometimes unnecessarily) from other children at the lirbary or park and makes sure they are nice to him.
-E is jabbering away like crazy. He has a great vocabulary of words and enjoys pointing and showing off his knowledge.
-Baby is kicking and doing wonderful.
-Hubby and I are in a really great place in our life. We are so blessed in our relationship and I couldn't love him more.

well, that was really random, but there it is.
I'm here...living life and that life is keeping me busy!

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